At about midnight of the 24th of May we published our "#starofall Electronic (Mobile) Systems Architecture" eBook.  Consequently, from the 25th of May it is live and available for sale on Amazon.

Its scope is wide and varying.  However, it ecompasses architectural solutions for 3GPP systems for combined GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+, LTE and LTE Advanced standards.  It provides a unique insight to architecture design for composite networks.

Architecture design is enough in itself to be able to add >US$250bln to the capitatlisation of Mobile Network Operators overnight, if fully understood and applied.

As of the 28th of May the eBooks retail price was reduced from the launch price of $130 + VAT (at 3%) to an amazing US$9.99 + VAT (at 3%)..

There are few things more important to the success of 3GPP than standards.  And the future success of 3GPP out to 2030 demands a multi-technology "Architecture" standard for defining the roles as well as the routing and switching between the gateway elements (RAN and CORE) of a collaborative co-operating network environment.

We just initiated publishing of our "#starofall Electronic (Mobile) Systems Architecture" eBook, so hopefully tomorrow morning it will be live on Amazon.

It ecompasses architectural solutions for 3GPP systems for combined GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+, LTE and LTE Advanced.  Hopefully it will provide a unique approach to architecture design for composite networks.

Its retail price is $130 +VAT (at 3%).

It is clear to many of us that we could support a better, more effective network evolution of GSM / GPRS and WCDMA / HSPA networks to LTE / Advanced LTE if we transformed our
network structures using a Cloud Architecture.

As well as a terrestrial component, how should this be extended to encompass the space segment?  How should this be achieved?

In pursuit of objectives, what should be our goal or goals?  Which and  what novel protocols and algorithms
should be support?  How should they be designed? 

To some of us, it is relatively clear that we could support a better, more effective "network" evolution in support of GSM / GPRS, WCDMA / HSPA. LTE / Advanced LTE if we transformed our architecture.  That is just what we are going to do.  Mobile cloud utopia.

In pursuit of this objective, what should be our goals?  What are our customers requirements?  Which, what and how should our "novel" protocols and algorithms should be designed and supported?

Sometime things have to change, as I am sure that a lot of people would agree.  For our #starofall we found it necessary to consider a new definition of what what the word "Supergraph" was and what it represented.  It was necessary that we extend the basis of the original understanding to provide a platform for a better understanding?

Now it wasn't that the previous understanding of what a supergraph was was particularly poor, its just that it was generic and we were taking a different approach.  With the algorithmic approach that we took to adopting graph theory to fit in with our network model, it meant that we had a new and better starting point.  A new definition made sense.
We have a few additions and editorial adjustments to make, before we publish our latest eBook, which will hopefully be Friday the 25th of May 2012.  We appreciate the previous interest that has been shown in our sister '#starofall jottings' eBook.  Its interesting just how much an eBook can change, in just a few days.
We recently changed our latest eBooks title, which  is now:

"#starofall - "Celtic Amphitheatre”, A Celestial Observatory", a new title that captures how megalithic and neolithic stone circles and amphitheatres have influenced modern Internetworking.

An Artistic, Astronomical, Architectural, Mathematical, Electronic and Philosophical eBook.

 By John Kelliher – Author, Engineer, Architect, Scientist and Philosopher

Edition  1.0.0  – May, 2012  
“Wisdom begins in wonder” – Socrates.

Now, is it possible that it was at a "Celtic Amphitheatre" (A Celestial Observarory), that Socrates first heard the words, "Wisdom begins with wonder" and where Leonardo da Vinci first uttered the words, "Learning never exhausts the mind"? 

Our initial jottings eBook on the #starofall (Art, Architecture, Mathematics, Electronics and Philosophy) Edition 1-0-0 eBook is available on Amazon at $1.00 + VAT (at 3%). 

For two days the eBook was FREE to all Amazon Kindle users (begun: 08:00 EST 22/05/12, ending: 08:00 EST 24/05/12). 

You can purchase it and read it today using the Kindle eReader.

We sold over 50 original eBooks and have produced a 1-0-1 Edition of the eBook, "Jottings on the #starofall - "Celtic Amphitheatre" which also retails at $1.00 +VAT (at 3%).

We have drafted a further eBook "#starofall - "Celtic Amphitheatre", A Celestial Observatory".  Our draft has grown in size to 12 pages and 4,169 words!  We are very pleased with its development and will launch it on Amazon soon.

A new eBook is planned: "The geometrical nature of the mathematical construct within and betwixt and outwith Celtic Stone Circles" by John Kelliher.

Image - Maidens Stone Circle - Cornwall, England.

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