Weebly has a really neat blog element of its web site generation site that I thought I'd experiment with!

If you are interested in learning maths, it helps to start young.  Currently my eBooks are only available on Amazon Kindle.  However we will expand our retail distribution partner arrangements in Q2 2012.

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02/08/2012 9:07am

I'm an adult math learner trying to go back and do it right in order to get beyond my school math into nonlinear systems, so I'm always intrigued by math curricula. Just a word to say:
- you don't have any ways of reaching you directly here -- maybe a contact page for questions?
- I can't find any information that tells me how what/how you are teaching is any different from standard texts. Perhaps some blog posts to show how you might approach a topic differently? Or samples of your workbooks? Or even a philosophical statement of how your curriculum is designed?

It's only reassuring to know you hvae a "math brain" if you can also show you can translate that to those of us without one (or nor aware we could have one ;-)

Just some suggestions....

02/15/2012 6:42am

Hi Dr Karen,

Neuroscience is a wonderful subject .. within which I always think about all those neurons firing. So much information, so sophisticated.

I am currently aiming to take the maths syllabus to High School / UK Sixth form level. However I hadn't considered extending our analysis - synthesis to neurofeedback and non-linear systems. I am by training a systems engineer, and I do regard this area as even more fascinating that the Internet!

You are right, I need to add a contact page for questions! Clearly I didn't think well enough about it.

Also I will think further about why what / how I am teaching is different from standard texts! But, the biggest dfference is that the texts developed in the last 10-15 years do not really attempt to bring clarity to understanding. I believe that my texts are significantly better, not simply because of the eBook format, but because of my comprehension of and ability to present it so much more clearly than the standard texts.

I will think about adding some blog posts!

Everyone has a maths brain, it needs stimulating, nurturing, feedback and experience, and reading better texts is a massive step forward in developing understanding.

Thanks for your feedback.

Best regards

Dr John


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