Dr Kelliher (John to you and me) was for many years a student of Prof. Joe McGeehan OBE, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Prof. Hamid Aghvami, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Prof. Keith Lumsden, Fellow of the Royal Society of Economics as well as an avid reader of Irish and English literature.  He has learnt well.

At Dr Kellihers maths eBooks we craft maths eBooks in the 'modern avant-garde' style. And while our prose and presentation is improving, our mathematics are presented with a vivid hue and a deep appeal to developing the students understanding, deeper meaning and wisdom. Learning maths is meant to be an enjoyable passtime, as enjoyable for Mowgli as a walk through the jungle.  As such we do not set arithmetic calculation computation questions, but we immerse the student in the beauty of the abstraction of the subject as we present and articulate through style the learning of mathematical subject modules in a component by component structure.  In this way, the student learns to love the subject, and discipline in arithmetic calculation accuracy naturally emerges, all at the pace and natural speed of the student and their developing love of the subject.

So, whether your child is autistic, aspergers, dyspraxic, has ADSD or is dyslexic, as long as they can read, learn
to concentrate and learn and come to appreciate the subject, as they study (perhaps with the help of a tutor) your child too can excel in the understanding of the subject of maths.  All children can.  Children with autism, dyspraxia, ADSD and dysclexia learn differently, but as parents we all know how we learnt to learn as children, and even, perhaps continue to do, until this day.  

Education is too complex to be explained completely by a purely technical discipline.  One needs a love of the sublime and the ridiculous, an appreciation of art, design, architecture, literatiure and of course great philosophy. Teachers help considerably, but wisdom is key.


And wow, wow, wow, we recently received our first positive recommendation - 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.

 5.0 out of 5  stars SECONDERY  SCHOOL kS3 MATHS (GRAPHS), 8 May 2012 By Mehnaam

This  review is from:  Secondary School 'KS3 (Key Stage 3) Maths - Graphs - Ages  11-14':  eBook (Kindle Edition) fantastic help in work!!  I am 11  years old and got this book so that i can do some early revision for secondary!!  from 14th-18th may i have S.A.T.S EXAMS so to be on the safe side my mum let me get this book five out of five.

Good old mum I say!

And this is how Dr John Kelliher (Sean O'Ceilleacair) replied:

@Mehnaam, I hope that you will agree that KS3 (Key Stage 3) -  Graphs is a beautifully written, illustrated and explained book which has  hopefully made your learning experience even more worthwhile. The book is really targeted at the older KS3 student, someone aged 12-13, so you are obviously a  highly motivated student
already. I must thank you for your recommendation, as  you have truly appreciated what I wanted to achieve when I wrote it. Best of  luck in your SATS exams, and remember to have a few days break from studying  maths before you sit them.

Just remember, autistic people have special abilities:  'Has anyone seen my magic hawk' - John Kelliher and that "In the particular is contained the Universe'' - James Joyce.



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